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We have over a million auto parts in stock including new parts, genuine parts, OEM parts, generic alternative parts, recycled parts. Which ever you're after, what ever you call it, call us.

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Looking for car body parts or recycled auto parts? Do not know how to get them? A1 Global Auto Parts is the right place for it. Be it second hand car parts or recycled parts, whether you’re looking for engine parts or interior car parts, we can easily bring them to you at competitive prices. We carry a large variety of NEW PARTS – There’s nothing we can’t provide. Get your NEW OEM Parts or Save more with NEW After Market Parts. With an unlimited selection of new, used and rebuilt vehicle parts. If you need it we have it for you!

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New, used and rebuilt auto parts – call us to find your car part

Used automotive parts and reconditioned parts are sensible and practical. Why spend more money when you can get high quality used car parts for a fraction of the cost. We have everything you need when it comes to discount auto parts in Queensland. We clean and test all of our quality used parts and can ship to anywhere in Australia. You can search and order parts online or visit our location. We have the largest selection of quality used car, truck and light commercial vehicle parts in Queensland. We have everything from rims and tires, alternators and starters, fenders and hoods, uni-body sections, interior auto parts, engine blocks and engine parts, electrical components and even entire chassis’s. Call us for your new and used auto parts needs.

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Wheels/Suspension Parts/Axles

• Jacks and Accessories • Center Caps • Spare Tires • Knees • Axles • Control Arms • Hubs • Spindles • Power Steering Pump • Rack and Pinion • Wheels (rims) • Tires • Cross Members

Body Parts • Front End Assemblies • Rear Clips • Fenders • Doors • Hoods • Grilles • Windshields • Back Windows • Door Glass • Mirrors • Quarter Panels • Bumpers • Lid/Gates

Mechanical Parts

• Engines • Transmissions • Transfer cases • Window Regulators/Motors • Starters • Alternators • A/C Compressors • Batteries • Anti Lock Brake Units • Air Cleaner Boxes • Columns/Ignitions

AV Equip/Misc. Electronics • Radios • Amps • Speakers • Navigation Systems • Speedometers • A/C Temp Controls • Power Window Switches • Head Lamps • Tail Lamps • Engine Control Modules

Seats/Air Bags • Bench Seats • Leather Seats • Jump Seats • Bucket Seats • 3rd Row Seats • Trim • Headliners • Air Bags • Misc Interior

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We stock a wide range of second hand parts for Cars, Vans, Trucks, 4×4 To check availability of a specific part, give our car parts team a

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