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If you live in Brisbane and you want to ge trid of your old vehicle or purchase some replacement parts, it’s a good idea tofind an auto wrecker. But since there are so many options on the market, whichis the right one for you?

  1. A1Global Auto Parts
A1 Global Auto Parts

A1 Global Auto Parts is one of the best auto wreckers in Brisbane. The company provides high quality, used auto parts some of the best prices on the market. Not only that, but you can get them shipped anywhere in Australia. In addition, A1 Global Auto Parts is also recognized as the top wrecker in Brisbane, and it brings in front of a huge range of solutions for all customers. Plus, if you have any requests or custom requirements you might want to check it out today, you will be extremely happy with the results and the entire experience. They are the top auto dismantlers for Audi, Alpha Romeo, BMW, Chrysler, Daewoo, Ford, Honda, Holden, Jeep, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagon, Dodge and more… With over 1000 cars in the yard, they have the biggest range of stock for all makes and models. Whether you are chasing a body part such as a front bumper for Toyota Camry, or alternator, tyres, guards, transmission, engine and batteries. With more than 83 happy reviews on Google people are 

2. QldWreckers

Qld Wreckers is known for the fact that it offers a huge array of parts for many cars. In addition, they have a great inventory and new cars are coming there every day. Their sales team can be a bit better, but for the most part, you do get a pretty good value for your money. The company also has a central location, which makes it pretty easy to go there and purchase whatever parts you want. 

3. CarWreckers Brisbane – Cash For Cars

With Car Wreckers Brisbane you get exactly what you expect, high-quality wrecking services and a plethora of parts. They don’t have parts for all kinds of cars, so if you have a car that’s not that popular in Australia. It might be tricky to get parts here. If you do want to use their wrecking services you will find them to be quite professional and reliable.

4. TotalParts Plus

Aside from having a central location, Total Parts Plus is also known for the fact that they have lots of hoods, spoilers, tires and a plethora of other items you can use. In addition, the staff is pretty fast, and you can get the desired item, then move on without a problem. This goes to show the reliable system they created here and just how much they focus on bringing a good customer experience. Prices can be a bit high, but you do get a huge range of products to choose from.

5. BossWrecking

Boss Wrecking might be a bit hard to get to, but they ship all over Australia. They also provide car repairs and other similar features. When it comes to the wrecking service, you do have the opportunity to walk through and pick your own parts. This can be very time-consuming, but a great option if you know what you are looking for. If not, their staff will have no problem offering you the right assistance and support that you may need. Either way, it’s a great company and one that you will like working with all the time.


GDM WRECKING is known for the fact that you can unbolt parts from selected cars, which is something a lot of wreckers don’t allow you to do. However, the prices are a bit steep especially for the products that are very hard to find. But if you know what you want and you have some auto knowledge, you will find this to be a very good company to work with. The company also has a VIP card system which allows you to lower prices if you buy stuff often. It’s a nifty systemt hat makes people come back.

7. UnderwoodWrecking

Underwood Wrecking is known for the fact that they give good customer service. Part quality differs based on what type of product you want and its age. Some of the parts are great, others not so much. It’s a good idea to go in person instead of buying online, as that might be a gamble. However, if you do want some parts fast and you don’t want to travel well outside Brisbane, you will see that this is a reasonable solution to focus on.

8. Brisbane Auto Wreckers

Brisbane Auto Wreckers has a great reputation when it comes to delivering parts for trucks and larger cars. You can also find good parts for smaller cars too, at least for the most part. But you need to have a lot of patience as you try to find the best model that suits your needs. Their customer service is pretty good, and they are also very supportive and helpful, which is always a great thing to have. Give them a shot today for the best results.

9. Capalaba Wreckers

Capalaba Wreckers allows people to wanderaround and fetch the parts they want. Thisis great if you know what you need and how to install it. On the other hand, alot of people destroy the surrounding parts as they remove the part they want.And that’s why you will end up at times with a broken piece that was destroyed by some other customers. You can ask them to remove a part if you want as well.

10. NorthsideAuto Recyclers & Cash For Cars

Northside Auto Recyclers has a massive auto park there, and they do a very good job at storing parts for just about any car. If you want to sell your car there, they will give you money on the spot. While you won’t find parts for some of the rare cars, you still get a ton of value.

In conclusion, these are some of the best auto wreckers in Brisbane. If you want to find a good Auto Wrecker in Brisbane you do want to give any of these companies a shot. They are widely known for being very reliable, professional and easy to work with. Do keep in mind that not all of them sell their products online, and in some case, you might even have to go there and get the item out of a car on your own. But in the end, it’s all good as you can easily visit these wreckers to acquire the part you want!

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